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..It is truly beautiful… Thank you so much for such a precious keep sake…” – Kirsty


“…Absolutely Love!” – Marie


“…I am so glad we have such a fantastic video to cherish and look back on as the day went by in a flash!…” – Katie

About Me & My Film

Wedding days are full of celebrations and it is an honour to be part of any couples special day. Being able to capture the memories and emotions, and provide families and friends with a way to relive it is something that I love to do. I have always had a keen interest in both photography and videography and studied media production up to degree level.

I like to think that the style of my films is quite intimate and that any one watching can feel connected with the couple – despite these close shots I try to do my best to be unobtrusive – discreetly capturing the scenes of the day and allow you to enjoy it. In the most I will work naturally, filming what actually happens, but will work closely with your photographer to get those stunning couple shots and provide a consistent look and flow between your photos and films.

I am currently updating my package – please contact me for any queries.

What I Do

Select the options below to find out more about how I make your special day a wedding day to watch back again and again!

Filming on the day is vital in being able to create your masterpiece, however just picking up a camera and filming isn’t going to create that cinematic film that you are looking for. Knowledge of the technical  side is important to create that close and intimate feeling.

Just as important though is the ability to creatively tell the story. Weddings often bring up many  different scenes and emotions, and is just as important to be able to tell this in a beautiful visual film.

All of my films are produced at full High Definition as standard. I also shoot many of my films at 4K and downscale which provides even further clarity and opportunities during the post-production story telling.

Audio is an integral part of being able to tell the story of your Wedding day. I take great care to ensure the music I select helps to enhance your experience and love of watching back that special day. I have access to a large selection of music and will look to find something matching your unique day.

All music used within the films I produce is licensed and available to use both on physical devices and online.
Due to copyright laws commercial music is not available.

One of the important elements to having that film look is colour grading. Although a time consuming task it is essential on every project.

Colour grading is the process we undertake to develop the film into its final output. This could be giving the image an orange tint to give a warmer appearance or raising shadows so that more details are seen in hair and on suits.


Do I film the ceremony & speeches in full?

The style of filming I produce is to capture the emotions and details of the day and bring all this footage together in the cinematic film. From my experience the time needed to setup multiple cameras for a full ceremony and additional crew takes away from time capturing details and raises the cost for additional crew.

Can I have selected songs on my films?

The simplest answer unfortunately is no. Due to vast array of Music licensing and copyright laws with different restrictions on USBs compared to sharing your films online makes it difficult. Additionally using songs people know often takes away from the film it self.

Therefore I use music which is fully licensed.

Contact Me

If you have any queries or would like to book me for your wedding please do not hesitate to contact me: